HEMMI – Prize

This research prize is awarded twice a year and we encourage younger researchers in particular to submit their projects.

Research Prize 2023 of the „Hemmi“ Foundation

The “Hemmi Foundation” for the promotion of clinical research

donates in the year 2023

two prizes of 25,000 Swiss francs each.

The call for applications is addressed to young researchers working on a project in the field of medical research in general or in oncology in particular at a Swiss clinic, institute or in private practice. The application should include a description of the project, the study protocol approved by the ethics committee, any results and publications already available, information on the intended purpose and a curriculum vitae.

Candidates are requested to send their application digitally in PDF format, to lic. iur. Simon Rosenthaler, President of the Board of the Hemmi Foundation, info@hemmi-stiftung.ch, by 30 June 2023. We kindly ask you to submit your application in a single PDF file.

The prize winners from 2022

Christine Schneider MD

Christine Schneider MD
Paediatric Oncologist, PhD student

Project title:
Early pulmonary dysfunction in paediatric cancer patients
(SWISS-Pearl Study)

Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Department of Paediatrics, Inselspital, Bern University Hospital and Department of Paediatric Pulmonology, UKBB Basel

Charly Jehanno MD

Charly Jehanno MD
Postdoctoral researcher in Molecular biology and Cancerology

Project title:
NNMT evokes epigenetic rewiring and promotes metastatic colonization in breast cancer

University of Basel, Department of Biomedcine Laboratory: Tumor Heterogeneity, Metastasis und Resistance (THMR); Lab Head: Prof. Mohamed Bentires-Alj